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How to Accessorize to Better-ize Your Outfit

There is no better way to complete the perfect outfit than to team it up with the appropriate accessories. These will leave your outfit looking trendy, hip and most certainly fresh and help to give that extra boost to make you “Stand Out” from the crowd. Celebrities have been accessorizing for years, I bet there’s not a single premier or red carpet event that Johnny Depp rocks up to without his trademark rings or super cool pendants. James Bay & Harry Styles are also amongst the rich & famous who love teaming up their super edgy outfits with a Fedora hat or pocket watch. But, the most important thing of all is to get it right. We are going to help you with some simple tips to guide you in the right direction.

Luxury watches have always been a sign of status and masculinity. You wouldn’t catch James Bond without a Cartier or Rolex on his wrist, but this doesn’t mean you can’t get the same look without breaking the bank. There are lots of cheaper options out there too that will make your wrist look as hot at Jay Z’s. Armani do a superb range of men’s watches and with reasonable price tags or if you’re looking for something slightly cheaper, Fossil has got you covered. Whoever said digital watches and gadgets like Apple Watch would kill the trend clearly didn’t get the memo. Luxury watches are pretty much built to last forever and are the perfect place to start if you are a man hesitant to run afoul of fashion in the jewellery department.

There are lots of cool men’s bracelet designs on the market right now and these can be purchased almost anywhere from jewellers to H&M. But its leather bracelets that seem to be going down a storm and why wouldn’t they? A well-placed leather bracelet will bring understated texture to your outfit and the simplicity and timelessness of leather makes it tough to miss the mark.
Dependent on your wrist size you can opt for a thin or slightly thicker design. Thicker bracelets suit the slightly skinner wrist, whereas a thinner band would look better on a larger wrist. On the other hand a modern wrap bracelet looks good on pretty much anyone. It’s something with a clean design that  is casual and can be worn all summer long.

Slightly more dangerous territory than bracelets and cuffs, necklaces/pendants are notoriously difficult to wear well. Get it right and you bring your outfit up a serious notch or two, but get it wrong and you could look like a member of Goldie Looking Chain.

The key is to keep things as low-key as possible. Necklaces that are large in size are traditionally associated with womenswear, so look for slim to medium width chains and pendants in silver, brass and gold, which you can team with V-neck tees and vests during summer. Layering your necklaces can also be a hit, provided the styles you’ve chosen suit you – this works nicely under the collar of a smart shirt buttoned-up to the top.

There is no doubt that it has become more socially acceptable for men to wear jewellery on a day-to-day basis and we hope our tips will help guide you through the modern day world of men’s jewellery.

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