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How To Commit Criminal Damage Without Getting Into Trouble


With an edgy name like, ‘Criminal Damage’, it is hardly surprising that the rebel in us all is sorely tempted to buy clothes from the Criminal Damage brand.  Founder, Jas Ayton, started committing Criminal Damage in 1991 when he set up the brand in East London.  The whole ethos of Criminal Damage was to resurrect the retro styles of the past and shake them up a bit with modern urban trends to create a completely new look.

Criminal Damage has maintained its originality by making each new clothing line different from the last, the only constant are the initials, ‘CD’, or the words, ‘Criminal Damage’, on each garment.  If you like bold and colourful clothes that make you stand out from the crowd then Criminal Damage may indeed be the brand for you.

Within our range of Criminal Damage clothing we have some fantastic new arrivals which epitomise the edgy boldness of the brand.

Criminal Damage Aqua All Over Print T-Shirt


This sparkling blue t-shirt has a swimming pool catching the light effect with branding to the front and a branded label to the side.

Criminal Damage Boulevard Graphic T-Shirt


With an all over graphic print on the front and smaller one at the back, this edgy t-shirt will most certainly bring out the, ‘Miami Vice’, out in you.

Criminal Damage Casper All Over Print T-Shirt


If going to a tropical island is beyond you this year, then don’t fret as this all over graphic t-shirt brings the tropical island to you.  Envelope yourself in palm trees, sandy beach and glowing sun and people will most certainly warm to you.

Criminal Damage All over Print T-Shirt


If you want to conquer florals this year but multi coloured clothes make you wince, then this monochromed floral t-shirt sports white flower graphics on the black material with only the branding words being a bold red colour.

Criminal Damage Splatter Reflective T-Shirt


The splatter effect has become increasingly popular this year and Criminal Damage does not disappoint with this white t-shirt with reflective splatter effect.  With branding to the front and all over splatter effect you will look as if you have been committing vandalism.

Criminal Damage Thatcher Graphic T-Shirt


Maybe a little bit of Criminal Damage is all you would like to commit, if this is the case why not restrict your graphic to be at the side of your t-shirt with subtle branding to the front and side.

Whichever Criminal Damage t-shirt you decide to add to your collection, you will be secure in the knowledge that your choice will not be replicated in the future.

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