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How to keep up with the Distressed Jeans Trend

All of our favourite denim brands; Levis, Diesel and G- Star to name a few are really getting into the spirit of vintage and festival fashion and how to make your jeans look scruffy and well worn.  You have two main options where achieving the look is concerned – you can distress the jeans yourself or buy designer threads that have already been treated to look patchy, worn out, faded and scruffy.

Ripping your own Distressed Jeans

If you can spare the time and have some sewing skills you can destroy your jeans yourself in five easy steps:-

  1. You need a well fitting pair of washed out jeans from a charity shop, sandpaper, sponge, cheese grater, bleach, scissors, needle and thread.
  2. Use the cheese grater to make holes by rubbing it on your jeans – it won’t take long with an old pair of jeans.
  3. Apply a little bit of bleach onto the sponge and rub carefully around the holes to make them look even more distressed – don’t forget to wear rubber gloves.
  4. Sandpaper is good to get that gentle worn look on pockets and knees.
  5. Use the scissors to cut rips out at the knees or where ever you would like then to be – If you don’t want it to rip too much sew around the rip preventing it from spreading more.  If you want your jeans to rip naturally just don’t bother with the sewing.

Designer Distressed Jeans

If DIY is not your style and you would prefer to buy designer brands we have a great selection of designer distressed jeans for you to choose from:

Replay Blue Anbass Slim Fit Jeans

These tastefully distressed jeans feature a bleached effect with carefully placed holes and fraying.  You would achieve the distressed jeans effect with the click of a button and will be festival ready as soon as your Reply Jeans arrive in the post.

replay distressed

G-Star Medium Aged Destroy Type C ¾ Jeans

If you are planning on going to a festival this year and want to save the bottom of your jeans from mud or you are hoping for sun these ¾ distressed jeans from G-Star would fit the bill.  Looking brilliantly scruffy these distressed jeans have enough holes and abrasions to look as if you have been wearing them for years.

Gstar distressed

G- Star Grey Arc 3D Slim Destroy Jeans

If you would prefer to have a different shade of denim these dark grey jeans by G-Star have designed these distressed jeans with a dark grey hue.  These jeans are distressed but formal so you can wear them for lots of occasions and still look smart.

g-star distressed grey

If you would like to look at our full range of jeans click on this link at Stand-out.net and you will find a large range of brands and styles for you to choose from.

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