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How to: Layer Up

The winter has not quite yet disappeared and we are still suffering from days of bitter wind, rain and a sprinkling of sunshine every now and then. Currently the weather is just about as unpredictable as the TfL rail service. Unlike the rail service, you’re going to make it to your destination (and on time!) so it’s therefore extremely important that you are equipped to survive the day no matter what’s thrown at you.

The easiest and most effective way to solve this issue is to layer up.

The first and most essential point to layering up is to always layer from thin to thick, light to heavy. This will help you avoid looking like the Michelin man or a walking bundle of washing.

By keeping this in mind when you are layering up you will find that the most breathable fabrics are closest to your skin and the heaviest garments are closest to the elements to keep you protected. This will also allow you to easily remove items of clothing as your body temperature regulates to the environment that you find yourself in.

Now, it’s not just the different thickness of fabrics you need to consider. You should also make yourself aware of the texture of all the different garments you are about to put together. Most items of clothing will all be made from the same or similar fabrics (cotton, wool or a blend of the two) and therefore they can very easily blend into each other. If you select items of clothing that each have varying finishes such as waxed, brushed, dyed etc then each piece of clothing will stand out from the next. This is especially important when you are going for an all black ensemble.

Colour! Colour! Colour! This could give you the biggest headache… or turn you into the best-dressed man in the street. When wearing a number of different items of clothing you could easily find that a lot of the items begin to clash. The simplest way to avoid this is to remember the colour wheel. Colours that are opposite each other on the colour wheel are the ones that compliment each other the best and will work well in layered outfits. Remember you can layer different patterns also, but it would be disastrous to double layer the same pattern!

Finally, accessorize! You have the perfect-layered outfit and those little wardrobe accessories have been waiting for a day like today. Whether it’s a scarf, leather gloves or a wool hat, add those little accessories to truly finish off your outfit.

Take a look at some of our favourite pieces when it comes to layering.

Tommy Hilfiger Sapphire/Classic White/Multi Stewart Checked Slim Fit Logo Shirt – £79.95
This Stewart Checked Slim Fit Logo Shirt by Tommy Hilfiger features a buttoned-down collar. Available in Sapphire/Classic White/Multi, this shirt for men comes in slim fit design. It sports a buttoned front closure, curved hem, brand logo to the left chest and long sleeves.

Tommy Hilfiger Sapphire/Classic White/Multi Stewart Checked Slim Fit Logo Shirt

Tommy Hilfiger Cloud Heather Br Textured Logo Knit – £109.95
The BR Textured Logo Knit from Tommy Hilfiger features in regular fit. Featuring textured front panel, this knit in Cloud Heather comes with a brand tab to the left hem. Coming in marled pattern, this knit for men also has crew neck, long sleeves and elasticated hemline.

Tommy Hilfiger Cloud Heather Br Textured Logo Knit

Edwin Navy Flight Bomber Jacket – £149.95
The Flight Bomber Jacket from Edwin comes in Navy, featuring a varsity neck and full-length zip closure. With a label attached to the left seam, this men’s jacket sports two flap pockets in the front, a zip pocket on the left sleeve and an inside pocket.

Edwin Navy Flight Bomber Jacket

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