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How to Wear a Polo Neck Jumper



Also known as funnel neck, roll neck or turtle neck, the classic polo neck jumper is worth its weight in gold when it comes to layering up this winter.  Generally made out of pure wool and easy to pack the polo neck jumper can enable you to wear autumn weight jackets throughout the winter.  If you have to look smart and hate wearing a tie, the polo neck jumper is a great alternative under a shirt, the polo neck jumper has historically been worn as a rebellion against the tie.

We have three classic polo neck jumpers in our collection by John Smedley, Guide – London and French Connection all of them are either black or very dark grey so they can be teamed up  with a variety of different garments.  Here are some garments from our collection that would really suit a polo neck being worn under them.

Under A Casual Shirt

levi work shirt jack and jones padded g-star

This is where the magic of layering really enables you to wear your favourite check or denim shirt without suffering from the chill.  We have chosen three shirts from our vast collection that would look superb layered with a polo neck but you will have your own style ideas in mind.  The Levi Long sleeved work shirt is a classic denim shirt that would work really effectively with the John Smedley polo neck.  If you like wearing shirts but really feel the chill then this Jack and Jones quilted shirt will provide a toasty combination. An article involving shirts would not be complete without a check shirt and this red G-Star shirt certainly fits the bill.

Under A Guide London Blazer

military blazer dan blazer rog blazer

If you are aiming to look dapper then teaming your Guide London polo neck with a Guide London blazer would certainly put you in the realms of James Bond.  Our blazer collection has been designed by Guide London and consists of a grey military blazer, a formal grey Dan blazer and black Rog blazer. The three designs allow you to choose exactly the perfect impression that you would like to make and keep warm at the same time.

Famous Polo neck Wearers

How ever you choose to wear your polo neck jumper you can be assured that it is a fashion staple that will never expire.  One of the most famous wearers of the polo neck was the late great Steve Jobs, who shunned ties and shoes and preferred to launch his ground breaking Apple products in his signature turtle neck.  If we go further back in time we the greatest band that ever lived, The Beatles, took the world by storm wearing simple black polo necks in the heady days of the sixties.  One Direction, the new band that makes girls scream, has posed wearing polo necks and jackets reminiscent of the Beatles with their own modern interpretation.

famous polo neck

Whoever inspires you to wear a polo neck whether it is a celebrity or the winter chill you can be sure that you will look amazing in what ever you choose to wear.



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