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How To Wear Florals Without Looking Like The Irritating Guy In Movies

Every time the sun comes out it is traditional to; wheel out the barbeque, slip on the flip flops and dare to wear a floral shirt.  When you decide to wear floral you can be guaranteed that everyone will have something to say about your eye catching attire, what you wear with your shirt will determine if the comments are positive or negative.  If you make sure that your floral shirt is the loudest item of clothing that you are wearing and everything else is muted and plain then you will look respectable and stylish.  However if you try to mix and match different pieces of floral together you will look like the irritating guy in the movies who always wears a floral shirt and acts the fool.

Hawaiian shirts have been around for decades and were first introduced to the world when American Servicemen returned from the Second world war wearing Aloha branded shirts.  Aloha has been making shirts since the 1930’s and their bright floral shirts have inspired brands all over the world to design their own floral shirts. In America floral shirts became so popular they often have a Hawaiian shirt day every Friday to signify the end of the working week.  Floral shirts don’t have to be worn exclusively on Fridays or to work – they can be worn anytime you would like to make a great first impression.

At Stand-Out.Net we have a wide range of floral shirts that will definitly catch people’s eyes for all of the right reasons.  You will notice that all of our floral shirts have subtle floral detail and even the ones that are fully covered in a floral design are tasteful.  Our floral shirts would look great with jeans or chinos for a sophisticated look, or worn with plain shorts for relaxing with your mates in the garden or the pub.  We have featured twelve brands in this article which just goes to show how very popular the floral shirt has become.  Each brand has adapted the floral design to suit their own particular style.

The brands featured are Scotch and Soda, Hype, Animal, Franklin and Marshall, Criminal Damage, Original Penguin, Bellfield, Carhartt, Jack and Jones, Sik Silk, 11 Degrees and French Connection.  If you would like to look at our complete floral collection put ‘floral’ or ‘flowers’ into the site search or look through individual brands.

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