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Humor Jeans – Underground Styles To Be Taken Seriously

Conceived, born and bred in Copenhagen, the Humor clothing brand is thriving globally and nowhere more so than in the United Kingdom where they are selling well among the nation’s discerning fashionistas. The Humor clothing brand emerged from the DJ and underground music culture of Europe and takes influences from many other sectors.

Famed for their huge attention to detail that includes oversized belt loops and a button fly, the signature mark of Humor jeans is their drop seat design. Humor jeans are also renowned for their off the shelf “lived in” look with crafted frays and stone wash. Further attention to detail is embellished on the large pockets of Humor jeans and they boast a branded leather tab on the reverse and slim tapered legs.


As well as the drop seat crotch, Humor jeans are also easily recognised for their distinctive carrot top styling, wide and baggy at the midriff, tapering down to the feet.

Here at Stand-Out.net we’ve long been followers of everything that comes from the Humor brand and regularly update our selection of jeans, t-shirts, sweat pants and shirts. Posted by for Stand Out.

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