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Humor Jeans

Some men dress themselves without thinking – just pick up the nearest pair of jeans and shirt, slip on a pair of shoes and they are good to go. But there are others who like to put in a little more effort in dressing themselves. These men want a mix of something casual and dressy at the same time and this is where Humor Jeans come in.

Humor is a relatively new brand of clothing and apparel, since it has only been around since 2007. Conceived, born, and bred in Copenhagen in Denmark, this clothing company takes their clothing seriously. They put great emphasis on sampling, silhouette, and style, which the company says, is the essence of what Humor Jeans is. Most of their clothes are funky and they also feature different colors, patterns and details which are mixed and matched together to create a complete and unique look which is perfect for both casual wear and as a party getup. The company looks at what is currently trending and what the previous trends were before and they mix it all up to create a unique brand of clothing. Humor Jeans gets their inspiration for their designs from street styles of people from all over the world, including Tokyo, New York, Berlin, and London, from billboards, from advertising posters from the 1980s, from graphic designs on some clothes from practically anywhere.

Finding the perfect mens jeans can be difficult but now you can look for them in Humor. Not only does Humor sell jeans for men, they also sell knitted jumpers, jackets, oversized shirts, cardigans, gloves, beanies, shorts, coats and chinos. Humor offers their clothes in collections their Main Spring Collection for 2012 is a combination of lightweight knitted wear, casual shirts, and shorts which is perfect for sailing around or walking around the neighborhood. It is said that their designer jeans and other clothes they sell are inspired by underground music scenes and fashion from around the world.

Humor Clothing

Looking for clothes from Humor such as skinny jeans for men is easy. You can visit one of their stores if you have time to some serious shopping or you can look for them online. Buying them online is very easy because looking for your clothes is easier if you use the search filters. You can select by category, size, color, and price; you can also sort the items by price and whats new.

Despite the fact that Humor is a relatively new brand, it has caught the attention of a lot of people around the world, including celebrities and musicians alike. A number of celebrities have been spotted wearing Humor Chinos, including the JLS boys, Matt Cardle, and Tinchy Stryder.

So whether you are a seasoned fashionista or if you just want to add something edgy and put some colour into your wardrobe, buy your clothes from Humor Jeans today. You can also follow Humor on Facebook to know the latest news on their clothes and other things they offer.

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