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It’s Summer Jacket Season

Ok, so hands up if this has happened to you too – the sun comes out, the days start to heat up and first chance you get you are out in the shorts and t shirt thinking to yourself, ‘Yes! Summer is finally here.’ No more hoodies, no more jeans and no more coats….then a couple of days later the clouds are back, the drizzle is falling and the breeze is remarkably cooler than you’d like.  If you are in the UK we are guessing that this may have happened once or twice…but most likely a lot of times.  There is always that awkward time of year (and we are pretty much in it now) when it is too hot for your normal winter coat but not quite sunny and warm enough for going without one and braving it in just a shirt.

Enter the summer jacket!  Light enough not to make you too hot and sweaty but enough for the days where the sun fails to show and enough to keep you happy and dry if an unwelcome shower comes your way.  We have a fair few options for you here at Stand-Out in the way of a light jacket.

This G-Star Pacific Correct Bergmann Hooded Overshirt Jacket is simple and highly effective! It is lightweight, fashionable and has a flattering cut. Ideal for layering over a polo or a shirt.

g-star pacific jacket

The Original Penguin Hooded Ratner, available in navy or black, will keep the rain off you but if the sun does decide to come out it is thin and light enough just to tie around your wait and forget about. It would also a great accompaniment for any dreary commutes to work.

 original penguin hooded ratner


Or a blazer might be just what you need, plenty smart and enough to keep you warm in the evenings.

In this unpredictable UK weather, a lightweight jacket can be a real lifesaver!

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