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John Wayne kicked off the trend of men wearing pink, are you man enough to wear it?



Firstly, there is by no means any rule saying men can’t wear pink. This shot of John Wayne sporting a nice pink shirt proves even the manliest of men can pull this look off and pull this look off he did, in several Westerns he can be seen in either a pink shirt or pink bandanna.  Actually, way, way back, up until as late as the 1950s, pink was considered a boy’s colour – as a watered down red, it was related to manly concepts like blood and war. Blue was associated with the Virgin Mary and was seen as a more serene colour reserved for girls.

Since then  the opinions of pink and blue have swapped around, but recently things are changing once more and pink is now seen as an empowering colour for men.  The saying ‘Real Men Wear Pink’ is back and pink is the colour of self-confidence and the sign of a man comfortable with his masculinity who knows how to have fun. Also, interestingly pink products and pink packagings directly marketed at women tend not to do so well anymore.


Pink was a popular trend on the catwalk in the spring/summer collection 2014 and here are just a few reasons to wear it:

1. Women love it.  Many women believe men wearing pink appear confident, sensitive and in touch with their emotions. Those are traits women find valuable in men…or at least that’s what they say.

2. Psychological research studies have shown the colour pink to have a calming and relaxing effect on people.

3. If you get lost in a crowd it’s easy for your friends to find you. Unless everyone is wearing pink, in which case never mind.

4.  A recent study (by Cotton USA) showed that men who wear pink to work are typically earning more (around £1000 a year), more confident and getting more romantic action than their not so pinkly dressed colleagues!

5. Pink is complimentary to most skin tones.

6. If the cool kids are doing it, everyone should.


If you aren’t ready to commit to a more substantial item in pink just yet, start small, maybe the Casio Digital Watch in pink or some Diesel Trunks to begin with.

diesel underwear


For something with just a flash of pink as you test the pink waters there is the Dead Legacy White Haze T-Shirt.  But if you are ready to make a statement then try the Polo Ralph Lauren Crew Neck T-Shirt or the faithful Converse Pink All-Stars High Tops or Low Tops. Spring and summer is also the time for breaking out some pink trousers or shorts like the Gant Flamingo Pink Solid Swim Shorts to catch some eyes at the pool.

pink converse

So be not afraid of pink, the guys below aren’t after all. A real man wears whatever he wants!

celebrity men in pink

(And remember, if you don’t want to call it pink, you can always call it salmon.)



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