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Junk De Luxe Clothes – The Comedians Choice

Junk de Luxe clothes don’t take themselves too seriously and that’s fine by me. Although it’s a good question really because what do comedians wear? Is there a particular dress code for comedians when they perform on stage, or even when they’re off duty (so to speak). Do comedian’s have stylists much the same as WAGS or bog standard celebs? Do they actually, (shock, horror!) choose their OWN clothes? Does anyone know? If you do then email me with the answers on a postcard to… never mind I can speculate instead.

Junk de Luxe

If comedians did have their own particular uniform, so that they can recognise each other as a comedy genius in the middle of a crowded street I think the Junk de Luxe collection of designer clothes would hit just the right note. Junk de Luxe is smart, but fun, relaxed and colourful. They’ll certainly help you get noticed and look great under the spotlight. The only trouble would be how to choose a Junk de Luxe outfit for your first TV appearance on Never Mind the Buzzcocks. Whatever you choose Simon Amstell is bound to make fun out of you so you may as well give him some fuel with style.

To order your own set of Junk de Luxe clothes take a look at the great range we have online right now. Posted by for Stand Out.

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