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Keep The Storms At Bay With Levis Jackets

As well as being credited as the ‘Daddy of Denim’, Levis Strauss also introduced the concept of the denim jacket in the form of a, ‘working blouse’, which is very similar to the denim jackets we wear today.  Denim jackets have been worn by cowboys in the Wild West, super models and the everyday guy on the street.  Levis jackets enable the wearer to to dress down in style and if you are particularly creative you can customise your jacket to suit the type of person you are.  As with everything, Levis have introduced a variety of jackets to their collection that are not specifically denim but do stay true to the original ethos of Levis by being both practical and stylish.

Levis Barstow Shacket Jacket


The Levis Barstow Shacket Jacket is styled very similarly to a denim shirt but is black with grey shoulder patches.  It is many made of cotton with a polyamide lining.  It has metal stud button fastening which is also found on the pocket, along with the little red logo tag.

Levis Windbomber 3 Jacket


The Levis Windbomber 3 Jacket is dark blue and made from 100% cotton.  It has a front zip pockets to the shoulders and flap pockets at the front. This jacket would be superb to protect you from the wind but doesn’t have any extra padding so you may have to wear a gilet over it or a jumper under it.

Levis Down Mountain Parka Jacket

down mountain

The Levis Down mountain Parka Jacket is so called because it has a duck down lining rather than its sole purpose being wearing it down a mountain.  This jacket is as toasty as you can get , not only will the polyamide outer keep the wind and rain at bay, the luxurious duck down lining will keep out that sneaky chill.

Levis Good Sherpa Trucker Chattanooga Jacket


The Levis Good Sherpa Trucker Chattanooga Jacket represents the levis denim jackets we all love.  It has a sheepskin collar and warm lining, allowing you to wear the traditional denim jacket style and outwit the weather at the same time.

Levis Polyfilled Puffer Jacket


The Levis polyfilled puffer Jacket is superb if you are the type of guy who feels the cold.  This warm lined and wind cheating design is finished off with a fluffy collar to make you feel comfortable in the wind.

Levis Trucker Charlie Denim Jacket


The Levis Trucker Charlie Denim Jacket is for the traditional type of guy who expects to add layers on top of the jacket or is simply not going out in the wind for too long.

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