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Keeping Up with Jack & Jones

The phrase, ‘Keeping up with the Joneses’, originates from a variety of different sources, the most prominent one being the comic strip of the same name by cartoonist Arthur R ‘Pop’ Mohamand forced his proginist to constantly compare himself to his affluent neighbours.  Mark Twain, the author of Huckleberry Finn wrote an essay titled ‘Corn Pone Opinions’, in 1901 about the very same topic.  It is believed that its initial origins are relating to particularly affluent American families based in New York.  The concept of making sure that you are as good or better than your peers still exists today and is easily maintained by the quality and branding of clothing you choose to wear.

Jack and Jones – Made in Denmark

In 1989 the clever Danes decided that keeping up with the Joneses was as simple as designing good quality reasonably priced clothes with their name emblazoned all over it. Designed for the well educated and contemporary wearer the brand is held in high esteem with a reputation for being Europe’s best fashion brand for jeans. Jack & Jones have developed a variety of different styles of clothing and have given them interesting names to define them; Vintage, Premium, Originals, Core and Tech.

Jack & Jones Summer Gear

Summer is a time to show off how hard we have worked all year round to make our bodies look better than the next man.  What better way to show your finely honed bodies than to chose the best Jack & Jones summer clothes for you.

Jack & Jones at Stand-Out.Net

A great pair of shorts and pants can make all of the difference on how you look and feel during the summer months.  The Cornstalk Colin Shorts will look great during the day with a t-shirt and can be smartened up at night with a short sleeved shirt such as our David Shirt.  If swimming and water attracts you then our brightly coloured Cobalt Blue Floral Swimming Shorts may catch your eye. There are so many t-shirts to choose from that it can often be difficult to decide what your style is, we have tried to cover all styles by selecting the Legacy Combo T-shirt, Day’s T-shirt and for those who like to bare their shoulders the Beach Tank Vest is a great choice.  Where ever you go to enjoy your summer break it is prudent to pack gear for the cooler weather.  Our Erik Anti Fit Jeans and Colin Twist Chinos are great choices for wearing when the sun hides behind a cloud while the Jon Hoodie will keep your top cosy and warm.


If you would like to look at all of our summer gear check out our summer sale at Stand-Out.Net


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