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Knitwear to Keep the Mist Out – Antony Morato at the Football Match

One of the dirty little secrets about Europe that most people don’t know is that for much of the year where great football is played—England, France, Germany, Italy, and even Spain at times—the weather can be borderline nasty when you attend a match. Of course, you don’t notice while you’re singing your team’s song in full throat or lighting a firework that will make its way to a lower section or gaping in awe as your favorite player unveils a bicycle kick that leaves the keeper flat-footed.

The fact is, though, when the action stops, you might realize that the temperature has remained in single digits, and there is a light mist hovering that can chill you to the bone. There are times when European football is played on sunny afternoons with temps nearing 30, but its most crucial matches seem to take place on nights when you can see your breath and need to huddle together with your mates to keep warm during the match.

At least you don’t have to wear shorts like the players do. But then again, you’re not running for 90+ minutes, either. Even the most physically active spectator cannot match the heat generated by any of the players, except perhaps the keeper when his team dominates play on the other side of the pitch.

Antony Morato

To fully engage in the spectacle of a top-flight European football match, you have to dress for the occasion. That means that not only do you don your team’s trademark scarf and paint your face in the appropriate colors, but you need to keep the nippiness away so that you’re never distracted from the task at hand—giving your boys a lift and telling the opponents where they can go!

Antony Morato’s line of knitwear seems to have been designed with the football fan in mind. His sweaters, hoodies, polos and shirts all keep you at just the right body temperature for maximum screaming. Perhaps these gorgeous knits were indeed designed for football fans and those they follow, and that’s why you can spot Messi and Villa, among others, rocking this brand. You’ll understand why the first time you slip one on: soft to the touch, warm to the body, pleasing to the eye.

Antony Morato’s garb keeps you cozy but does not overheat, it blocks chill but breathes, serves its purpose but looks fantastic as well. Who knows? You might look so good at the next match that the team will ask you to pose for a few photos as fan of the match, to be posted later on their website, or maybe you’ll just stand out in a group shot of the crazies who never sit. I know that you’re in that section because you are a man of passion. So is Antony Morato–passionate for football, passionate for style and comfort. Posted by for Stand Out.

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