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Knowing your New Balance trainers

New Balance trainers are from the American footwear manufacturer New Balance Athletic Shoe, Inc., or simply, New Balance, a company founded in 1906. While the company has not expensively advertised for New Balance shoes like others have, New Balance was still fortunate enough to have grown to become one of the largest manufacturers in the world. Apart from simply offering a wide array of shoe styles, from New Balance trainers to running and walking shoes, the shoe company sets itself apart from the rest by offering most of its shoes in broader width ranges. It is typical for the men’s shoes to be in the width range between B to 6E, with three other widths in between those. For those with narrower feet, black New Balance shoes and other styles are available in the narrower 2A size.

If you’ve gone to a New Balance outlet before, you would have noticed how the company doesn’t give its shoes actual names. Rather than referring to model names, two-, three-, or four-digit digital model numbers are used instead. New Balance does this to put an emphasis on the philosophy of the company in general and just one particular shoe. Whenever shoes are redesigned, their model numbers increase by one. This kind of numbering/naming system actually originated as a way of keeping track of prices early on. For instance, New Balance trainers with a model number 320 costs $32. Today though, the model numbers are used to reflect shoe categories, like stability and motion control. The numbering system employed by New Balance just makes it simpler for customers to identify which of the shoes fall within the categories that address their needs.

New Balance Shoes

New Balance trainers are what you’ll most commonly see available but running and walking shoes are available as well. To differentiate whether you need trainers or running shoes, it would be a good idea to find out what each has to offer. For starters, New Balance trainers are made to be flexible for more agility with added support on the sides and extra cushioning for shock absorption. Trainers are for repetitive exercises that condition certain parts of the body, ranging in intensity from aerobics to kickboxing. Trainers offer support, cushioning, and flexibility that allow athletes to easily do weight lifting exercises and linear movements for warm up. A trainer’s slight treads and supportive heel are not meant for running on the road.

New Balance running shoes, on the other hand, are built to support forward motion, emphasized to have thicker midsoles and heels but highly flexible in the toe area. Thicker overall cushioning also lets running shoes provide shock absorption during impact, transferring energy from the legs to the feet and down to the ground. The soles of a running shoe are also curved so the tip arches upward and features distinct treads, both aiding in forward running motion.

Finding the right kind of shoe to wear will help you make your look more put together, essentially letting you look your best wherever you go. There are a lot of shoes out there so do take the time in choosing so you’ll be able to choose the best one for you.

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