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Levis Jeans and True Religion – A Throwback from the 1990’s

Anyone who is old enough to remember what they were wearing in 1994 will nostalgically remember that it was the year that Grunge gave way to Indie music and we all enjoyed singing, ‘Champagne Super Nova’, by Oasis.  If you were not into Indie music you were most likely to have enjoyed euphoric nights raving with your friends in any establishment that would let you enjoy being happy and euphoric!

Be Yourself!

The coolest thing about Indie style is that it is exactly how you want it to be.  You wear clothes because you like them; they are comfortable and serve a purpose.  In 1994 no one ever got cold on the night bus because you wore clothes that kept you warm – even the girls.  Indie fashion involves discounting any fashion advice you are ever given and wearing whatever you like, so dust off those old Levis Jeans and wear the rips with pride.

Wear Brands With Care.

If you are being true to Indie roots then discarding the concept of brand names is your upmost priority – if this act is a step too far then make sure that whatever you wear has a subtle label on it and the potential to look good when it gets scruffy and past its best.  Vintage is back and so is our love of Levis Jeans, in fact Levis are celebrating the concept of vintage as we speak and are actively encouraging us to combine our new threads with old ones we find lying around.  Levis Jeans have and always will be the aristocracy of denim because they still look classy and stylish however badly they have been treated.

original poppy levis jeans

True Religion – Ravers Unite!

No self respecting Indie music lover would be seen twice wearing a True Religion T-shirt but a fun loving raver most certainly would do.  Again clothes need to be practical due to needing to be comfortable while dancing all night.  This rule rarely applied to girls who aimed to get themselves noticed by wearing as little as possible – mainly fluorescent bikinis!  Religion clothing is dedicated to the memory of raving and anyone who still wants to celebrate the halcyon days of dancing all night in a hot sweaty barn with a room full of people you had never met before but loved more than life itself can do so with style and comfort.



If you find that you are partial to both Indie and Rave music you could adopt a completely style altogether and go further back in time to the 1980’s. Alternatively you could combine your scruffy Levis jeans with your Religion t-shirt and dance like no one is watching!

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