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The History of Levi Jeans – Patent Number #139,121


The whole world has been wearing Levis Jeans for 162 years so it is hardly surprising that they are the aristocrats of the denim world.  Owning a pair of men’s Levis jeans today has exactly the same fashion value as it did decades and even centuries ago.  Levis Strauss, as you probably already know, was born in Germany and moved to San Francisco where he designed and produced his famous jeans.   He founded Levis Strauss & Co, a wholesale company selling dry products including blue denim, in 1853.

Originally, Levi men’s jeans were designed for labourers who required clothing that was robust, strong and won’t fall apart easily.  A tailor called Jacob invented the use of metal rivets in the weakest areas of the trousers such as; pocket corners and the base of the button fly.  Jacob realised his idea was hot (not just because the rivets heated up by the fire) and had great potential.  Jacob realised that in order to patent his rivets idea he would have to team up with a fabric supplier and his obvious choice was Levis Strauss, who provided him with the denim in the first place.  Levis Strauss immediately saw the potential of this partnership and together the patented the rivets with the USA Patent Office and Trademark office awarded them Patent Number  #139,121 on May 20th 1873.

Since May 20th 1873 everybody has fallen in love with Levis jeans and now they are no longer associated with heavy practical jobs.  Royalty, celebrities and the man on the street now wear these iconic blue jeans.  Levis Jeans are so versatile you can either dress them up or dress them down depending on the occasion in which you are wearing them.

Levis 501

levi 501

Levis 501 jeans are probably the most well known name and number a pair of denim trousers could have.  Levis 501 are available in a variety of different cuts and washes so that you can choose a thread styled to suit your body shape and life style.  The Levis light broken 501 regular fit jeans   are probably the style we are most familiar with.  These straight legged jeans comes with button fly, riveted pockets, a straight leg fit and of course the ever so famous branded label to the back waistband.



Levi 501 Different Fittings

Levis 501 jeans are available in a range of different fittings and styles; Levis 501 Blue Customised Bristol Tapered Fit, Dalston Jeans and Liverano Jeans are good examples of the versatility of Levis 501 jeans.

blue dalston livorano


Which ever style of Levis Jeans attracts you – remember every time you wear a pair of Levis jeans you are wearing a piece of living history. Did you know we also sell Levi skinny jeans, slim fit jeans, tapered jeans and Levi regular fits? Happy shopping!



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