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Lily Loves Her Gio Goi Jacket!

The Gio Goi team made a trip to Keith Allen’s home for an exclusive photo shoot with his pop princess daughter, Lily, and she’s been wearing her favourite Gio Goi jacket to keep warm this winter.

What sort of a month is January anyway? We’re cold, we’re skint and nobody seems to care that the roads are too icy to drive on! January is by far the dullest and most pointless month of the year. But if like Lily Allen, your wife/girlfriend/sister was smart enough to get a beautiful fur trimmed hooded Gio Goi jacket, then she probably only has the second two problems to worry about. Cold? Lily’s not. Maybe you should kit up too before your icy little digits fall off from frostbite…

When the Gio Goi team arrived at Keith Allen’s massive estate, they probably didn’t expect to be greeted with bottles of cider and what appeared to be a party atmosphere. But in true rock n roll style, Lily dishes out the chilled bevvies to the photography team and Keith dashes off for a gig at his local boozer. No doubt, this was where the after party was. Ahem – anyway, back to the photo shoot. Apparently, Lily picked out her favourite pieces including the Blondie sweat, the Divine t shirt, and the luxuriously warm Lolita Gio Goi jacket.

Lily Allen in Gio Goi Jacket

Lolita and Lily – The Perfect Match

The Lolita Gio Goi jacket has a luscious fur trimmed hood – faux fur of course – we’re animal lovers here, a concealed zip fastening and the famous Gio Goi logo on the sleeve. As the new face of the fashion brand, Lily told the Gio Goi team that the Autumn/Winter shoot was one of the most enjoyable shoots she’d ever participated in. We’re not sure whether it was the cider talking or Lily, but either way, it’s clear just how much she loved being in her favourite Divine t-shirt and Lolita Gio Goi jacket.

If you love Lily (who doesn’t?), maybe you find a great men’s Gio Goi jacket from our collection. Posted by for Stand Out.

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