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Look Stylish This Year With a Diesel Belt

When we fasten a belt around our waists we rarely consider its humble beginnings, originating in the Bronze Age its sole purpose was simply to fasten the wearer’s clothes together and was generally made of whatever material was available at the time. As time has moved on and fashions have developed, belts have become as much of a statement of who you are as well a practical piece of clothing. Many different areas of society have made use of the versatility of the belt and have adapted them for military purposes, police, Goths and many other uses, including adding different accessories to accommodate the equipment the wearer needs to carry.

The black Leather and Buckle Design
There have been many variations of belt design but the black leather and buckle design remains a favourite with fashion conscious men these days. Not only is the design practical but it also compliments any outfit the belt is worn with, generally the belt is worn for aesthetic reasons rather than the purpose of holding trousers up. Diesel has produced its own take on the popular design and added its own signature to the buckle, the texture and the lozenge shaped holes of the Diesel Brown B-Star Belt add class and style to the design and the tiny star detail on the needle will endeavor to attract attention from observant eyes.

Wear with a Classic Pair of Diesel Jeans

If you are a person who favours jeans over any other trousers, combining the stylish black leather buckled belt with either a white t-shirt or crisp white shirt and classically cut dark denim jeans, such as; Diesel Dark Wash Krayver Regular Slim Carrot Jeans would enable you to fulfill the need to look smart and feel casual at the same time. If you really would like to complete the look, selecting a well fitting blazer would certainly do the job.

Choosing the Casual and Relaxed Look
If you require your attire to reflect a more casual and relaxed attitude you can combine your classic belt with a looser style of Diesel jeans such as, Diesel Stone Wash Larkee Regular Straight Jeans. The look you would have would be more casual and the purpose of the belt may be more practical rather than just aesthetic. In fact your belt may be the only piece of kit that you are wearing that is formal, giving the edge on the attire you are wearing.

A Classic Belt Design Can Last Forever
Once you have purchased your diesel belt, you will find that it will last for a long time and as your style choices mature so will your belt, the wear and tear on the leather will give it character and an appearance that can only be achieved by the friction caused by fastening it and unfastening it. Choose your belt carefully because you will be using it for a long time!

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