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Looking your best in Chinos this Summer


Whether you wear them short, long, cropped, tapered or baggy there is no disputing that Chinos remain eternally popular. The cotton twill fabric originated in China and was used as a military uniform for the English and French soldiers in the 19th Century.  Its popularity increased when many American soldiers returned from the Philippines wearing the comfortable khaki coloured trousers.  Historians are not entirely sure of the exact origins of the name ,’Chino’,  believing it to either originate from the Spanish American word Chino, which translates as toast, or indeed an adaptation of the word China – where the cloth originated in the first place. Chinos are now made from a cotton blend and come in many different colours enabling them to remain a popular smart casual trouser that can be worn for many occasions.

A Chino for every Occasion

Initially military wear, Chinos, are now considered to be a popular alternative to jeans and have been adapted by brands such as, Crosshatch, Jack and Jones and Voi Jeans.  Each brand has added their own twist to the style but the chino’s style still shines through.  Chinos are available in trousers and shorts so you can dress to impress what ever the weather or occasion.  The comfortable style lends itself to summer days and summer nights and you can wear them with any types of shoes and tops you wish. Wear them loose and be prepared to roll up the bottoms to accommodate desert boots, if you are an Indiana Jones type, or espadrilles and flip flops if you are a wise guy and love fun in the sun.

How to Wear your Chinos

  • Make sure that they fit comfortably at the waist – you will want to be able to wear a belt with them if you choose to.

  • Make sure that they are loose around your bottom.

  • If your chinos are seamless wear them long so that they can be rolled up.

  • Gentlemen make sure that they give your, ‘crown jewels’, the opportunity to breathe by making sure that they are not too tight.

Chinos or Jeans?

Jeans are associated with cool dudes while chinos have always been the attire of preppy types carrying mountains of textbooks to the library.  Cooler than jeans (in terms of temperature that is) chinos often become more popular during the summer months and Hollywood stars such as; Johnny Depp and Leonardo diCaprio are chino fans.  There is something sort of sexy about a man wearing chinos with a crisp white t-shirt and well buckled belt.  Thank goodness the summer gives us the chance to look so great!!

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