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Luke 1977 – A Summer Outfit for Any Occasion

Luke 1977 is a thoroughly British brand that has continued to grow since it first began trading back in the 90s. It provides a wide selection of clothing, accessories and footwear and with the warm months just around the corner could provide you with a fantastic summer wardrobe. The array of Luke 1977 pieces are extensive so whatever you are planning, you could find the right clothes from this brand.

Luke 1977 Clothing

A Day at the Beach
For a day perambulating along the sea front or playing in the wake, you might choose a pair of Luke 1977 Lazy Lamb Shorts, with a horizontal striped Hooker Henley T-shirt.

If you are going to a BBQ a great casual but stylish outfit could consist of a Luke 1977 Wyrley print t-shirt, a pair of Vice Denim Shorts and some Snow Patent Leather Trainers.

A Summer Night Out
For a night out a great Luke 1977 outfit could be a pair of Bolivia Leather Tennis Trainers, a Smethwick Polo Shirt and some Darlek Low Rider Jeans. Posted by for Stand Out.

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