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Lyle & Scott – The Golden Eagle Brand

Lyle & Scott is a brand rich with history. It started back in 1847, when two men with glorious beards (Mr Lyle and Mr Scott) set up a Victorian underwear business with an £800 loan on the Scottish border. They began to really become popular with modernists in the 1950s and their trademark styles also became very popular on the golf course, with many Open winners sporting Lyle & Scott men’s clothing. This coincided with the release of their logo that we know and recognise today – the golden eagle. This represents how the brand is reliable and high quality but is also a golfing symbol for achieving a score of two below par.

Once the 2000s hit, Lyle & Scott sharpened up their look to appeal more to a younger men’s audience and to create a modern look to be popular with the new generation, while still retaining the classic gentlemanliness they’ve come to represent.

Polo Shirts

Lyle & Scott Polos

The polo shirt is something Lyle & Scott are well known for. Sleek, smart and simple, take your pick of any colour and get wearing them out in town or out on the golf course! If you aren’t much of a fan of graphic prints or slogans on your tops, these could be perfect for you. Available as both long-sleeved polo shirts and short-sleeved polos.

Jumpers & Sweatshirts

Lyle Jumpers

You’ll always look like a gentleman in a Lyle & Scott sweatshirt. V-neck or crew round neck, they still look as dashing as they did on men back in the 1950’s. If luxury is what you are after, many of their jumpers are made from finest Merino wool which is the ultimate in quality.

Jackets and Coats

L&S Jackets

Lyle & Scott’s jacket and coat range is everything you’d expect: stylish, well-designed and comfortable to wear. Their range of jackets includes bombers, hooded, lightweight, parkas and sherpa fleece in black, blue and green.

The company still has their original motto “Good work makes more work” and well, since they are still going strong in 2016, we have to say that we agree!

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