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Make a Statement with Your T-Shirt

The t-shirt is a staple of every man’s wardrobe, whether he is sartorially savvy or not, exuding a relaxed and casual feel. Now that summer is finally here, and it’s too hot to wear anything else, the t-shirt will be the centre of your outfit. There are a range of different styles of t-shirt, from graphic to pattern to plain in a variety of different cuts from v-neck to crew line.

The Graphic Tee
It’s easy to make an impact with a graphic tee. Paired simply with jeans and a pair of canvas pumps and you have your outfit. Choose your image carefully as what you choose will have a huge impact on your overall look. For example, an image with a gothic influence such as skulls will look very alternative, whereas a t-shirt with a vintage print such as vintage comic book heroes will look more relaxed and fun.

The Pattern Tee
A patterned t-shirt is a great way of injecting a bit of fun into your outfit. Whatever your tastes, there are so many different patterns out there that you’ll be hard pressed to find one that doesn’t suit you. Whether you want to wear something whimsical like an anchor print or something masculine like camo, there are a whole variety of patterns to suit your mood.

The Bold Tee
If you don’t want to make that much of a statement, but you still want to stand out, then opt for a bright colour. A t-shirt that draws the eye with a colour will inject life into any outfit, whether it’s a simple pair of jeans or layered underneath a blazer.


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