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Make History With Converse Trainers


If you are a fan of Converse Trainers because you like their style, durability and their iconic status you are not alone. Stars such as; Drew Barrymore, Demi Lovato and Kirsten Stewart have all worn them on the red carpet. While Super Mario, Dr Seuss and Jimi Hendrix have all had special addition Converse trainers made for them. The All Stars branding originates from legendary basketball player Chuck Taylor, whose name was added to the All Stars Logo on the original Converse basketball shoes. For decades, Converse shoes dominated the sporting footwear market and saw off many of its rivals with its dedicated following. Converse trainers even played their part in the second world war and White Chuck High Tops became the official footwear of the American Armed forces.

With Chuck Taylor at the helm Converse remained extremely popular and continued to dominate the sport footwear market until 1968, when sadly Chuck Taylor passed away and rival companies were able to take on the market share. Converse sneakers were no longer considered to be the greatest sport shoes any more but did remain resilient because 70’s dudes really liked the feel of sneakers and Converse became more of an iconic lifestyle choice rather than worn as sporting shoes. As with every brand, the Converse story involves tales of bankruptcy and stunning buyouts. Did you know that Nike bought Converse in July 2003 for $309?

To date over eight hundred million Converse trainers have sneaked their way into our hearts and still remain world famous footwear. The longevity of Converse means that they just keep on bouncing, the original All Star design has been around for 80 years and are likely to be around for many more decades.

Converse trainers are available as high tops or as a lower version Oxford shoe style. At Stand-Out.Net we have a wide selection of Converse trainers in different styles and designs. You will notice that we also have a selection of Converse running shoes, which have been designed to cater for those of us who like to engage in sporting activities and still hold a light to the Converse ethos. Many of our Converse trainers are reduced in price so it is one of the best times to grab yourself an iconic bargain.

Converse All Star Hi Trainers

Sporting the Chuck Taylor patch label, snug fit, canvas upper and classic black design these hi top trainers will really make playing football on a Saturday afternoon in the park an All Star occasion!


Converse CT Lean Bran Trainers

This low cut Converse trainer provides an interesting alternative to the traditional black style. With two grommets at the sides and branding on the tongue and back, there is no mistaking the pedigree of these trainers.


Converse All Star Ox Trainers

If the All Star brand is most important in your Converse selection but you don’t really dig the hi top style, these low cut Converse All Star Ox Trainers in navy would be the best choice for you.


Converse Auckland Racer Trainers

If racing is your game and Converse is the important name, then these Auckland Racer Trainers are what you are looking for. These running shoes are really quite different to the traditional Converse style with racing tread and bouncy foamy sole.


Pink Converse All Star Hi Trainers

Converse are really unisex trainers and can be worn by both men and women so these delightful pink All Star trainers can be worn by everyone. If you have a last minute birthday present to buy for your girlfriend or you are partial to pink yourself these are a great choice.


Converse have extended their collection to designing All Star t- shirts and shorts, at Stand-Out.Net we have collected many of these garments for you to choose from. Please click here to view our whole collection. Remember to take advantage of the Summer Sale to save yourself cash.


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