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Making the Working Man Look Good for More Than 100 Years

When a man makes that split second decision to pull on a pair of boots rather than his usual casual shoe choice, he is putting on footwear that matches his mood and says what he wants to communicate to everyone around him that day or night. Wearing boots makes a statement to the people around you. They say that you’re tougher than a tennis player who cavorts around in his sneakers, and that you’re more manly than the guy who favors wing tips with all clothing selections. Boots say, “I’m all man, I work hard, I am strong and I don’t mind looking like it.”

That kind of message clears a path for you when you walk into a bar, and it signals to all the ladies that you are serious about your masculinity. Boot makers know what you are trying to convey, and that’s why they have ramped up their production schedules and design teams to meet a mushrooming demand for them. Let the ladies have their UGGs. Men need something rugged, not fancy. Men need a real boot.

Boots boost a man’s confidence because he feels hardy from the ground up, protected from foot to head. When a man wears boots, he doesn’t worry about stubbing his toe on an uneven sidewalk. He doesn’t fear a puddle or two as he crosses the street quickly while holding his dinner date’s hand. He doesn’t worry about scraping the skin off his foot as he brushes the curb while passing slower pedestrians. In short, he doesn’t worry about anything. He fears nothing. He is confident, secure, more mannish.

When that feeling starts from the bottoms of your feet, even your gait changes. You walk with your legs a little more spread, a little more slowly, with a little more attitude. You feel a bit like the Marlboro man without the cancer stick in your mouth. You’re tough without having to rope cattle or ride horses all day. A boot does all of that for a man. Don’t believe me? Just ask one.

Wolverine knows this about boots and the power that they project. That’s why they evolved from making the finest work boots in the world to a wide range of shoes and boots that maintain their standards for style and durability. Wolverine boots can be worn with a super wide range of outfits, from jeans to chinos, from cords to jumpers.

Who said that working men had to look like they just stepped out of a clothes hamper? Who said that their footwear had to be only functional but not stylish? The makers of Wolverine boots never did, and after 130 years in business, it appears that they have proven their point.

Wolverine boots are great for stomping around the woods on a walk or announcing your entrance into your favorite club. Your date will love your obvious confidence and your mates will be jealous of your hardy footwear that looks great and lasts for years. Soon, they’ll be asking you where you got your Wolverines. That’s when you lift your head a bit and smirk, “Are you man enough to wear them?” Posted by for Stand Out.

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