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Most Popular Fashion Mistakes

Anyone can make a fashion mistake and the chances are that most people in their lifetime probably have but there are some things that should never be done. Here we list the top 5 fashion mistakes that every man should know:

1. Poor Quality Footwear
A well-made pair of shoes is a sign that a man really cares about his appearance. Although a nice pair of shoes can sometimes break the bank, one thing to remember is that well-made footwear is one of a guy’s greatest investments. They can be worn at any evening soiree from family parties, dates, weddings, funerals and even christenings and it is far better to save for a quality pair than to waste money on a square-toed version.

2. Socks and sandals
Often caught lurking at the seaside or holiday destination, the sock sandal combo is the biggest no, no in all time! Have you seen anyone make this combo look good? Case closed.

Socks and Sandals

3. Oversized Suit Jacket
Potentially the most common mistake out there is wearing a suit jacket or blazer one or two sizes too big. The most important thing to get right when choosing a suit jacket is how it fits your shoulders. Most parts of a suit jacket can be altered, like sleeve length and even the length of the jacket but there’s not much that can be done if the shoulders don’t fit properly.

The shoulders should be as wide as your natural shoulder width and the jacket sleeve should meet where your arm meets your shoulder. Bunching in the arm is a sign that the shoulder doesn’t fit properly.

4. Excess Jewellery
When it comes to jewellery, a watch is a man’s best friend. All you ever need is a watch that match different outfits and styles and you’re good to go. Unless you’re Mick Jagger, it’s advisable not to go around wearing multiple rings, bracelets, and a bunch of necklaces at the same time. It’s not a good look.

5. Leaving the Stitching in a Suit Jacket’s Vents
Most people make the common error of leaving the stitching in their suit jacket or blazer and this is sometimes simply a case of not knowing this has to be removed. These are stitched closed to preserve the shape of the jacket while in store or in transit. As long as you always remember to remove the stitching from the vents, breast and side pockets you can never go wrong.

So, as long as you don’t sock-up at the beach, with more jewellery than H Samuel, wearing a stitched, oversized blazer with square toed loafers, we think you will be just fine this summer.

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