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Moving Day – Time for Wrangler Jeans

Moving day doesn’t have to be a day that you dread for weeks. It can actually be a good time to strengthen a friendship or two with those guys who agree to help you out. There’s some kind of strange male kinship that is produced when you work and sweat together. And, your friendship will get even stronger after the move because you are going to owe your mates a lunch or dinner (at least) when you are done.

To help you and your crew on the big day, here are a couple of tips to help you plan and execute:
1. Prepare on the move taking about twice as long as you originally estimate. Keep this in mind as you enlist your friends. Don’t tell them that it will take “a few hours” when in fact it will take several hours. During my last move, I estimated four hours tops and it took almost seven. This happens all of the time, take it from us experienced movers. Don’t make the same mistake that we have, repeatedly.

2. Remember that a lot can be accomplished by rotating furniture as you move it. If the item that you are moving is too wide for the doorway, you might need to stand it up, twist it, angle it or change the way that you are carrying it. You will be amazed at how much stuff you can get through that seemingly impossible doorway.

3. Here is a bonus tip that you are only reading on this blog: to get a king-sized mattress up a narrow flight of stairs with a low ceiling, fold the mattress as best you can and tie it tightly into a kind of omelet shape. You might still need to angle the mattress as you navigate corners, but it should make it up the stairwell and you’ll be congratulating yourself for your shrewd engineering feat for the rest of the day.

Wrangler Jeans

These tips will help you to plan and execute your next move. Oh, and don’t forget to wear the official uniform of movers everywhere: jeans, pure denim, like the kind Wrangler has been making for more than 100 years. Wrangler jeans are tough enough to withstand all of that grunt work that you’ll do on moving day, and they won’t rip when that metal corner slides down your leg after you lose your grip (it happens to the best of us! Just forget it and move on).

Wranglers also will prove to be the perfect weight for moving day, not too steamy and not too light. They’ll bend and breathe with you as you move your body in a way that you don’t usually (plan on a little soreness the next day), and they’ll give your legs the protection that they need when things get rough. When you can’t hold that china cabinet for another second and you have to ease it down little by little to the ground, you’re going to need Wranglers to cushion the impact.

A half-day with some of your best buds, Wrangler jeans and everything moved safely into your new digs: it doesn’t get much better than that. Moving day can and should be a day of celebration. Do your best to make it fun and enjoy it. Posted by for Stand Out.

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