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Nothing Matches Skiing

I grew up in an area that did not have a decent mountain for hours around. Sure, there were foothills and small mountains that you could see by the freeway, but nothing substantial. In other words, I did not grow up anywhere near a ski resort and my family never had the money to drive several hours, rent equipment for the whole family and watch each other stumble down the slopes at varying speeds.

I had heard all about how skiing was great, had watched the winter Olympics on TV and had known a few friends wealthy enough to get away for ski weekends. The more I heard about how great skiing was, the less I wanted to do it. It was the domain of the rich in my secondary school, a crowd I never found very welcoming. Particularly irksome were family friends who moved to Colorado and then came back to the East Coast to tell us how great it was to ski in the morning and then swim in the afternoon at the bottom of the mountain. Yeah, yeah, yeah. I wanted to ski even less. The sports I played were a lot more fun, anyway.

Junk de Luxe - Skiing

I finally got to attempt skiing once on a class trip and all I can recall is falling again and again and again as I tried to master the rope tow. The whole day was a horrible nightmare; I ate lots of snow as I repeatedly fell awkwardly by the towpath. I think I zipped straight down the hill the one time I got to the top of the mountain, then I called it a day, retiring to the lodge for several cups of hot chocolate. Skiing, schmeeing.

Now, guess what is one of my favorite sports? You got it—skiing. Nothing in the world matches the sensation of breezing down a hill on a sunny winter’s day. Unless, of course, you want to bring up night skiing. What a thrill to glide down darkened mountains in total silence, unbelievable!

I took up skiing as an adult. I was vacationing in the Alps and really had no choice. After a lot of tumbles and more swear words, I eventually figured out how to turn, how to stop and how to enjoy myself. I haven’t gone whole hog and bought my own skis or anything because I am again living hours from any slopes, but any time I’m near a ski resort in season, I fork out whatever is necessary to spend a day on the mountain.

I am a former skeptic, entirely converted. I have found few feelings to match what I sense as I ski down a mountain. There’s nothing quite like it. Some clothes can make you feel sensational, too, and on the slopes you need the proper gear to appreciate the experience. Junk de Luxe offers several items that will look and feel great on any mountain. Junk de Luxe makes scarves, beanies and stunning sweaters to keep you warm and snug while you channel Alberto Tomba or just watch from the lodge terrace.

The Danish designer also offers a full range of shirts, jackets, pants, shorts, knits and cardigans to keep you in style no matter the season. From cutting edge cardigans to double-breasted coats, Junk de Luxe produces an eclectic mix of style and substance, full of surprises and sure to draw stares. You might find their winter wear so attractive that you decide to take up skiing, too. Believe me, it’s never too late to discover a new thrill. Posted by for Stand Out.

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