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Original Penguin Clothing: Casual Yet Sophisticated

When you think of clothes in relation to penguins, a mental image of tuxedo will probably come to mind an outfit which, while making you look snazzy in a formal occasion, may not be your best choice for street wear. Original Penguin clothing defies stereotype by offering casual clothes for men who want to look relaxed yet fashionable.

The origins of Original Penguin are as quirky as its name. Abbot Pederson, a salesman, traveled to New York City in 1955 for a sales trip. During his stay there, he somehow found himself looking at the window display of a taxidermist, and he ended up buying one of the stuffed penguins there, which he named Pete. Unfortunately, Pete proved to be a difficult seat partner during flight, and his head somehow rolled off during flight. One of the flight attendants took pity on the poor bird, and she re-attached Pete’s head to his body using Pederson’s own necktie, quipping that the bird’s fashionable appearance deserved to be immortalized, such as having his likeness embroidered on the shirt the salesman was wearing. This idea somehow took root in Pederson’s mind, and he eventually launched The Original Penguin brand, using Pete as his company mascot.

The Original Penguin clothes proved to be a hit, even among the celebrity circles, and some of the known figures to first wear Original Penguin included Frank Sinatra, Clint Eastwood, Dean Martin, Richard Nixon, and Arnold Palmer. Golfers were also fans of Original Penguin clothing, especially since most of the clothes launched by the company at the time were sportswear. Eventually, the company branched out from sportswear to mainstream fashion, creating clothes that featured classic lines and attractive designs and integrating sophistication in casual wear seamlessly. The designs of their clothes are such that you won’t look out of place wearing Original Penguin clothing outdoors when you go shopping as you would when attending semi-formal occasions. These clothes are also extremely comfortable, as the fabrics have been especially chosen so that these will not only look nice, but feel nice as well.

Original Penguin

It is this flexibility that makes this brand so popular among men. They can either choose to purchase a head-to-toe outfit from the label, or else mix and match some Original Penguin pieces with their other clothes. Original Penguin shirts are the best-selling items of the brand, with most of their polos and tees featuring a discreet likeness of Pete. Aside from shirts, Original Penguin clothing also offers a wide variety of clothes, including hoodies, jackets, and coats, as well as shoes and boots. The label also offers beachwear, belts, accessories, watches, and bags for shoppers, all maintaining the classic designs that Original Penguin clothing has been identified with.

As far as the company is concerned, this penguin is far from being a flightless bird. The popularity of Original Penguin clothing is now starting to push off, thanks in part to the number of celebrities having been spotted wearing clothes from their line. If you want to look sophisticated but not to the point of having to wear a tux to look nice, take a look at the inventory of Original Penguin clothing.

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