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Over a Century of New Balance

Quite impressively the New Balance name – that is known so well in the sports/fashionwear world of the 21st century – has been around for over 100 years. The company started back in 1906 in Boston, USA, when it focussed on making foot arch supports for people who were always on their feet.

Today the brand is known for producing excellent athletic footwear for runners in particular, but also for designing and manufacturing fantastically fashionable sneakers. You can find a selection of the more stylish New Balance trainers here at Stand Out.net, and this footwear is available at hard to beat prices.

New Balance Footwear

You can choose from blue and bright green New Balance U410s; there are New Balance 360 trainers in white and blue; or New Balance U420s in white, grey and orange. Whatever you choose, you will look great in New Balance thanks to its century plus over design expertise. Posted by for Stand Out.

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