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Palladium Boots – Ready For Adventure


When you delve into the origins of Palladium Boots you will find that they have always been high fliers. Palladium was founded in 1920 to manufacture tyres for the aviation industry, their layering and vulcanising technique resulted in Palladium tyres being fitted to almost every European aircraft during the second world war. Palladium’s tyre production boomed until the end of the war, when everything suddenly stopped. This resulted in Palladium having to rethink their product and alter their direction so that they could remain in business. In 1947 this French company decided to manufacture footwear that is as strong and hard wearing as the Aviation tyres they once produced – the famous Palladium Pampa Boot was born and Palladium Boots have been associated with exploration and adventure ever since.

The Secret Is In The Sole

Palladium Boots are world renowned for their robustness, durability and comfort. The French Foreign Legion was so impressed with the quality of the boots that they adopted them as part of their uniform. The vulcanised sole is really the most important part of the boots, as this is what makes them stand out from other similar boots. Palladium also pride themselves on using the highest quality materials in the production of their boots and shoes and produce boots of many different colours attracting a wide range of fans.

Palladium Pampa TW Sports Boots

Sports boots
These Palladium Sports Boots are available in; black, sand and navy canvas with a large logo on the tongue. The lace fastening and rounded toe make them perfect boots for exploring the streets or indeed rougher terrain. If you are planning on travelling this Summer, these boots will keep your feet comfortable enough to cover many miles.

Palladium Pampa Hi Trainers

Available in espresso and concrete, these Pampa Hi Trainers are armed with the traditional robust sole, canvas finish and large logo detail. These comfortable boots provide the possibility of adventures and exciting experiences with their appearance and unbelievable quality.

Palladium Pampa Oxford Trainers

Available in ivory or espresso are perfect if you want the benefit of Palladium Boots but are not really a boot wearing person. These trainers have the same robust vulcanised sole, canvas upper and are extremely comfortable.

If you are feeling lucky and would like to win a pair of Pampa TW Sports Boots please follow this link. If you don’t feel lucky then check out our entire Palladium Boots collection here.

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