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Palladium Boots Supporting Explorers Since 1947


Palladium was established in 1920 to provide robust tires for the newly established aviation industry.  The composition of the tyres were so advanced that the majority of the planes in Europe were fitted with them.  Palladium benefitted greatly from the increased use of planes during the Second World War.  As the war ended the demand for aviation tyres decreased and the French company diversified into producing hard wearing footwear. 1947 saw the birth of the legendary Pampa Boot which was adopted by the Foreign Legion in North Africa due to their durability and comfort.  The Pampa Boot is still used to explore the world 60 years later and the company has increased it repertoire of designs ensuring that wearers can continue to explore their own corner of the world.

Palladium Boots At Stand-Out.Net

pampa boots

Palladium Boots combine the look of high top trainers with the durability of boots allowing you to take on whatever the weather and the terrain has to offer.  The many styles and colour combinations we have available will allow you to coordinate  your Palladium Boots with your favourite clothes. Being able to choose either leather or canvas allows you to select a Palladium Boot in your price range.

Canvas Boots

Two of the canvas boots we have in stock have been designed in collaboration with Hi Alpha Industries producing a bespoke logo design and orange detail that contrasts with the black and sage colouring.  The Palladium Sage/Orange Pampa HI Alpha Industries MA-1 Boots incorporates a zipped side and a vulcanised sole. While the Pampa Hi Cut Boots are all black with a robust vulcanised sole.

Suede/Leather Boots

If you are a fan of the more robust leather boots then our Pampa Sport Cuff WPS Boots  and Pampa Hi Cuff Boots in either desert yellow or classic brown and the robust and durable sole may be just to your liking.  If you are undecided between canvas or leather the Pampa Sport Cuff WP2 Boots combine the two materials together stylish and tastefully allowing you to get the best of both worlds.

If you would like to look at our full stock of Palladium Boots at Stand-Out.Net Just click on this Link and explore our range at your leisure.


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