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Peter Werth Open New Concept London Store

It may come as a surprise to learn that, in the 37 years of retailing, hip clothing brand Peter Werth had – until recently – never launched a concept store in London. The brand has grown around the idea of concept, each perfectly tailored item a piece of art in its own right, showcasing a timeless blend of suave style and urban joie de vivre.

The genuine shock, however, may come from the fact that it is only now that Peter Werth has decided to settle in London, when the brand so clearly embodies the best of British in every finely woven stitch. Their flagship store clearly carries this ethos further than the brand have ever been able to online or in stockists;  it is replete with dark wood, polished metal fittings and mid-20th century inspired furniture and light fixtures, and a range of additional accessories and grooming products. This isn’t just a men’s clothing shop, it’s a lifestyle destination.

The Peter Werth Lifestyle
The Peter Werth brand began by specialising in knitwear for men, before gradually expanding to include tailored suits in the Mod style of sharply cut lapels and tapered trousers. Modern Peter Werth clothing includes high quality woollen double-breasted coats, shirts in both formal and casual designs and a selection of tweed bags and silk scarves.

Peter Werth clothes will get you noticed, but this brand is anything but attention seeking. Instead, the well cut garments exude a level of sartorial elegance which is hard to find outside of bespoke retailers. Peter Werth clothes may look exclusive, but they’re anything other than inaccessible.

Peter Werth Clothing at Stand Out
Stand Out is proud to stock a wide range of Peter Werth clothing, including long-sleeved Polo shirts and traditional shirts in plan and block print colours, the Pullman cardigan and a selection of coats, blazers and bomber jackets – all in the recognisable Peter Werth style. If you’re looking for classic British fashion with a distinctly modern twist, shop at Stand Out for Peter Werth clothing today.

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