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Religion Clothing – 90s Niche to Global Fashion Force

Religion clothing was born back in the early 90s in the heart of a chemical influenced rave culture, at a time when statement t-shirts were all the rage. Religion subsequently launched as a label making niche cult t-shirts for young party people, inspired by dance music and the rave scene in general.

Religion Clothing

Religion clothing has really come on from that time and the brand now appeals to hip young things all over the world. This is largely thanks to the label’s experimental approach to fashion design which has involved trying out multifarious techniques, washes and styles. Religion clothing is now so much more than a mere t-shirt manufacturer and it produces a whole array of garments for men and women who want to look cool, whatever they are doing. The brand has attracted celebrity followers in the form of Kate Moss, Paris Hilton, Agyness Deyn and Kylie Minogue but the men’s collections are just as stunning. Posted by for Stand Out.

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