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Religion Clothing: Preaching a New Kind of Style

When people hear Religion clothing, they probably think of robes, cassocks, or other such clerical clothing. While those in the religious orders may wear such vestments, this is actually completely different from the kind of clothes produced by the Religion brand, which takes its inspiration from the rave and punk-rock cultures of the ’80s and ’90s.

Indeed, Religion clothing actually did emerge during the ’80s and ’90s, back in the days when the grunge and rock looks were considered at the height of cool. The company began producing Religion shirts that followed this music trend, as it noticed that those who appreciated these music trends are individualists who want to show the world who they really are, preferably through how they look and dress. As such, the company’s inventory consisted mostly of statement shirts and screen-printed shirts that are strongly influenced by the music trends at the time. Originally, these clothes were only seen in rave parties and dance floors. Eventually, however, fans of Religion clothing eventually took the brand to the streets, and this in turn launched the popularity of the brand to even those who aren’t fans of the rave scene.

The popularity of the rave culture may have died down in the past years, but that does not mean that Religion clothing has become passe. Instead of dying down like the trend, it instead evolved with the times, even as it continues to take inspiration from the music-centered culture brought about by the rave and punk-rock era. While the company continues to produce statement shirts that the brand has become equated with, it has also introduced new lines that showcase a persons individuality, which is essentially what rave and punk-rock are about. Of course, this decision is not without risk, especially with the changes in musical and fashion trends over the years. Furthermore, the manufacturers of Religion clothing have never been afraid of mixing up design techniques, including experimenting with distressed garments and different kinds of washes, a move that can be pretty risky if taken the wrong direction. Somehow, however, Religion somehow managed to make things go its way, by integrating the new trends with their designs, while remaining loyal to the brand. The result? Designer clothing for men featuring designs that take the needs of music lovers and fashion enthusiasts into consideration, creating clothes that are fashionable and edgy. The brand has also gone beyond shirts, and now includes jeans, jackets, and knitwear in their clothing lines. The attractiveness of the products released by Religion is such that there have actually been celebrities spotted wearing items from their line.

Given all of these, the name of the brand may just be a bit of a misnomer, considering thatReligion clothing does not encourage people to follow where the crowd goes, but instead drives them to push for their individuality. For those who want to stand out from the crowd by wearing clothes that will showcase their personal tastes, style, and clothing, Religion clothing is definitely the brand for you.

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