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Remembering that Ride While Wearing Alpinestars

One of the great losses that few people talk about as more land is gobbled up for development is the loss of motocross trails to be enjoyed by avid riders. When I was a young lad, everyone in my city knew where to go to ride their dirt bikes. There was a well-established wild area untouched by business where motorcycles squealed all day and into the evening on most weekends.

Those trails were a blast—with dips and hills and lots of red dirt to plaster your clothes and make you feel like you accomplished something on your ride. You could race informally with friends, work on your technique alone or simply glide along and enjoy the many acres of scrubland that was perfect for dirt bikes. I also remember several people sharing bikes, taking turns peeling out, spitting clay behind their wheels as they roared off to the next hill. What a fantastic way to spend a day!

You probably have similar memories of riding your dirt bike all day on unspoiled trails, away from all of the confines of modern life—school, work, dress clothes, good manners. You can leave all that behind in a flash as you twist the accelerator on a dirt bike and get as messy as you want.

Today, that patch of land has houses built on it, for God’s sake! Long gone are the orange and red dirt paths that were worn into grooves by me and my friends. The few bushes and trees that broke up the dirt and added a little green have all been plowed over, the joy of riding all day a distant memory. I’m sure the homeowners have no idea what took place on the sacred ground where there house sits. But I do.

These days, with fewer and fewer reserved areas for dirt bikes, many of us turn to the pros to live vicariously through as their machines squeal and jump, slide and pounce as we did many years ago. They’ve even moved indoors for many of their competitions, but just listening to them race around a dirt track produces emotions that I forgot I had.

That same lust for freedom of expression on a motorized bike is expressed not only in modern professional competitions, but in the clothing line that the pros have inspired and advised upon. One of the top brands for such rugged wear is Alpinestars, which features scores of graphic tees, rad hoodies and board shorts for young men who want to look like the stars of motorsports, or simply channel their energy.

Alpinestars has a wide variety of shirts, jackets, shorts and caps for the young men who can name their favorite riders, or the older men who used to ride themselves. You can even spot the top riders wearing Alpinestars in between circuits on their bikes. If it’s trendy and tough enough for them, it will be sure to keep you on the cutting edge with durable fashion for years to come. Posted by for Stand Out.

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