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Say “Konnichiwa” to Gola Bags!

Retro looking Gola bags and trainers could have a wacky makeover as the brand steps into the crazy world of Japanese-inspired art!

Gola has always been a little bit on the wacky side. Don’t believe me? One of their product slogans is ‘In case of nuclear attack’ – I wouldn’t say that they were inside-the-box thinkers judging by that! Nope, they’re not holding back on innovation, and without consciously playing on the name of our website, their Gola bags really stand out!

Gola Bags and Trainers

Apparently, the brand could be even more ‘out there’ than we thought. Teaming up with the crazy, quirky and creative minds of the Japanese-inspired Tado, Gola bags and trainers could start to look even more vivid.

Tado has been influenced by Japanese creativity and their zest for all things bright and colourful! The funky yet modest Leicester-born Gola bags that we all know and love will soon be adopting an extra splash of colour and some cutesy little characters, created by the nutty left-brainers at Tado. With a strong tie to the makers of Hello Kitty, you may imagine Tado’s offices to be set in the skyscraper jungle of Tokyo, Japan. But Tado’s front bods, Mike and Katie, are just a couple of hardworking, graphic-designing, illustrating, animating, toy-designing Sheffieldians.

So maybe it’s not “Konnichiwa”, but “Ep up duck!”

However you want to say it, we’re on the ball at Stand-Out. So keep checking in on our Gola bags section for the latest designs. Posted by for Stand Out.

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