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Scotch and Soda Clothing – “We Do Care!”

Through the years, Scotch and Soda clothing has contributed to corporate social responsibility in many ways, and the development of the kids collection has driven this forward.

“Think of the children!” – I hear this on a regular basis. I’m sure you do too – as a joke, as a criticism, or as a meaningful expression. But have we ever thought about the third world child who lives in a world of war, pain and suffering? Scotch and Soda clothing has long supported worthy causes through socially responsible projects, but the latest Scotch and Soda Clothing Kids collection has been the biggest inspiration for helping a war child.

The makers of the Scotch and Soda clothing brand believe that every child has the right to grow up in an environment where it feels safe. Somewhere they can learn and grow. Somewhere they can develop into a healthy and well-balanced grown-up. Is this really possible in the war zone? The people behind the scenes at the Scotch & Soda clothing brand are sad to realise the truth – safe environments for children only apply to a part of the world’s population.

Scotch & Soda

The world isn’t perfect. In fact, there are many people from many areas of the globe that are fighting as I blog – so support Scotch and Soda clothing in its fight to keep war children safe.

Funding the build and construction of a school in India was the first of many projects. The funders from Scotch and Soda clothing have been supporting independent humanitarian organisation, War Child, ever since. War Child is a young and growing organisation that empowers kids in war-affected areas and reached over 850,000 children in 2007.

The bottom line? Scotch and Soda Clothing – they care. Posted by for Stand Out.

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