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Scotch & Soda Jeans – from Amsterdam to Paris

We love Scotch & Soda jeans, and so does the rest of Europe

Scotch & Soda jeans are oh so continental, don’t you think? And most things are better in continental. Cheese, chocolate, markets, interior design, and le petit dejeuner (‘breakfast’ en Français for those who are continentally inept). Continental living has swept across bolshie Britain like a brush of understated opulence – homes, fashion choices, and the food we serve on our plates are all just a little bit….well, European.

And there’s no denying that the breakfast buffet at the Grand Hotel in Oslo, Norway is by the far the best you’ll ever get your gnashers on. Chomp on the world’s most extensive selection of hams and cold meats you’ve ever seen, warm loaves of freshly baked bread of every kind, and cheeses that even the best farms in Britain couldn’t produce. That’s just the European way. Same applies for Scotch & Soda jeans – and no, I don’t mean you can eat them for breakfast. I mean Scotch & Soda jeans don’t do things by halves.

Scotch & Soda

Created in Amsterdam

The very first pair of Scotch & Soda jeans was created in the beautiful capital of Amsterdam. Since its birth in Europe’s city of audacious nightlife, beautiful architecture, outspoken art and freedom to ‘express’ (you get the drift), the Scotch & Soda jeans brand has grown extensively across the rest of the continent, taking their individuality with every success. Scotch & Soda jeans were created in the capital of emancipation, enjoyment, expression, and experimental existence. Dutch culture is the perfect mix of work and play – the Dutch are free and unrestricted, but are also very hard workers. And the Scotch & Soda style? Similarly, it can be described as vintage, varsity…..or fusion.

Scotch & Soda Jeans – The Fever

From Amsterdam, Harrlem, Utrecht, to Breda, Brisbane, Paris and Antwerp – over 6000 shops work together to illustrate the beauty and uniqueness of the Scotch & Soda jeans brand. Here at Stand-Out, we’re pretty chuffed to supply you with the latest range. Oh, how we do love to bring you something different… Posted by for Stand Out.

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