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See in 2014 in a Blaze(r) of Glory

So Christmas is over, you’ve subsisted on turkey, stilton, chocolate coins and intravenous Port for almost a week, and you are now expected to go out and party like it’s 2014 on the biggest night out of the social calendar – New Years Eve. I know it has to come at this time of year but I’m always a bit like whhhhhaaaaaaaatttttt???? After a week of consuming booze and rich food like the chubby love child of Oliver Reed and Henry VIII, our waists are a few inches bigger than normal, our faces are puffy and we are, to put it mildly, far from fresh. But fear not! Remember there is no such thing as an inappropriate body, only inappropriate clothing, and when it comes to hiding your festive sins you can’t beat a blazer.

Blazers have been a big thing in men’s fashion for a good few years now and it is easy to see why. The key word here is silhouette. Women have known for years that a crisp silhouette can hide a thousand sins (or mince pies) but the illusionistic effects of well-cut fabric are just as applicable to men. A good quality blazer provides structure – it transforms the silhouette of the body into a convincing Man Shape. A decent blazer will create a smooth, clear line in the place of a festive wobble, and emphasise broad shoulders giving the illusion of a narrower waist. It will transform the body of Homer Simpson into the body of Homer’s Odysseus (OK, maybe not but it’ll HELP!)

Getting it Right

The best way to know how to rock a blazer, is to know how NOT to rock a blazer. So for those about to rock… step away from Angus Young!!!
Yes Angus is an important part of rock n roll history, and no NYE party is complete without a bit of ACDC, but trust me on this: the dude is not a fashion icon. Under no circumstances should you combine your blazer with a pair of shorts, a school tie and a cap. It’s not going to work I promise.


A far better place to start would be pairing something like this Farah Vintage Concrete Aston Blazer with some dark coloured jeans and a simple white tee. It’s a classic, understated look that will create a great line and definitely be a hit with the ladies, and is on offer now with a whopping 25% off.

If you’re after a sharper, smarter look, channel Arctic Monkey’s front man Alex Turner and try teaming this super slick Guide London Blazer with some skinny black jeans, a crisp white shirt, Chelsea boots and a killer belt. The slim cut of this blazer could not be more flattering, and the white piping around the collar and awesome red paisley lining are a fashion lover’s heaven, grab it in our sale now.

If you’re on a lower budget and would prefer to save your hard earned cash for black sambucas on Tuesday night, then this brown Bellfield Hornlock blazer is an absolute steal at the sale price of £48 without compromising on style or quality. Worn with the right shirt and a pair of decent jeans this is a great NYE look that will carry you right through spring.

As usual, we’re offering next day delivery if you order before 3.30pm, so get your order in quick and see in 2014 in a blaze(r) of glory. BOOM!!!

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