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Showcase Your Trainers With Levis 501 Tapered Jeans

501 tapered

Why customise your Levis 501 jeans when Levis will do it for you?  We are used to the original cut of Levis 501’s where they cover the top of your trainers and this is perfectly acceptable, especially if you like to follow Levis tradition.  For many years people, who want to showcase their trainers, have taken fashion design into their own hands and tapered their Levis 501 jeans themselves.  Many of us who are not that daring or have never used a sewing machine have had to make do with the original levis 501 cut. At last Levis have tapered their Levis 501 jeans so that the more cautious among us can now enjoy showing off our luxury trainers without destroying our precious Levis 501’s jeans.

At Stand-Out.Net we have selected three customized tapered Levis 501 jeans to add to our Levis 501 collection.  The best thing about our Levis 501 tapered jeans is that they have a customised look about them with the benefit of professional tailoring.  For people who like to collect Levis 501 jeans it is a great opportunity to expand your collection and own a different style with Levis 501’s fantastic fit.

Levis 501 Customised Tapered Original Fit Bristol Jeans


These Levis 501 Customised Tapered original Bristol Jeans are dark blue with a brand tab on the waistband, two back pockets, two front pockets and a coin pocket.  The jeans have a button fly and front button enclosure.  The tapered effect is completed with a roll up at the bottom.

Levis 501 Customised Tapered Dalston Jeans


These Levis 501 Customised Tapered Dalston Jeans in washed blue denim has five pockets, button fly and branding to the waistband.  The blue denim is slightly faded at the shin and the taper is completed with a turn up.

Levis Customised Tapered Livorano Jeans


These Levis 501 Customised Tapered Livorano Jeans are pale blue with the original five pockets, button fly and branding to the waistband.  As with all of our tapered Levis 501 jeans the look is rounded off with a turn up at the bottom of the leg.


Owning a pair of Levis 501 tapered  jeans, allows you to wear your favourite trainers without hiding any of the design details.  if it is time to update your trainer collection we have a wide range of designer trainers for you to choose from. Why not take a look at our complete Levis Jeans collection? If you are considering buying a new pair of trainers click here. Enjoy shopping at Stand Out!


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