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Skincare for Men

Good grooming is the hallmark of a good-looking man. Over time men have realised that in order to attract desirable partners, they need to pay close attention to their personal appearance. We’re going to provide you with some top tips that will help you look more handsome.

A well-groomed man is going to automatically have more self-esteem and men’s skincare has come a long way from the days when your dad would wash his face with whatever cheap bar of soap he could find and cover up shaving cuts with toothpaste and bits of toilet paper! Follow these tips and your skin will be looking as good as David Beckham’s in no time!

Protect yourself from Rays
Men need to protect their skin as much as women do. So opt for a SPF 30 sunblock to fend off the effects of harsh UV rays. The sun can really age your skin prematurely and in addition to sunscreen, you may want to use some form of body lotion or anti-ageing cream too. These products help heal dry, damaged skin and provide you with much needed moisture. After a few weeks of following a skincare regime, you’ll notice you have a fresher, more youthful appearance.

Cleansing your skin removes dirt and pollution from your pores, completely cleaning away the badness from your day (this is especially important if you travel in and around the City). Exfoliating helps to smoothen your skin and soften hair follicles and exfoliating for men is so popular that there are untold options for you to choose from, so get yourself to a Boots near you and scrub up!

Eat Healthy
Foods that contain lots of saturated fat, sugar and that are high in calories can cause your skin to break out. This is not only unattractive, but it also creates serious health risks. You can extend your life and increase your energy levels by eating more fresh fruit, vegetables, beans, lean meats and whole grains. This will keep your skin looking fresh and you feeling fit as a fiddle!

Drink water
Last but not least, the most basic option of them all, drink water! Every man is more than capable of accomplishing this one and drinking water is a great way to keep the skin looking fresh and hydrated from within. Try drinking 8 glasses a day to ensure your skin shines with radiance.
Follow these simple tips and you’ll notice more positive, rewarding changes in just a few weeks. When you do, it would only seem right to treat yourself to a nice new outfit to celebrate!

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