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Smarten Up This Year With a Stylish Blazer

Here is a question for you stylish and fashion conscious young men, what outfit opportunities are there that enable you to look smart and casual at the same time?  If you want to be able to wear your Farah Vintage t-shirt and Hudson Loafers to dress to impress, teaming them up with a well fitting blazer allows you do just that without making any compromises.

Who Wears a Blazer?

Once the chosen garment of sports people, clubs and adopted by the Mods to make a rebellious impact, the blazer is now coming back into its own again.  There are many styles and fabrics to choose from so you would be able to find a blazer to suit your needs.  Whatever you do -make sure that you take either your partner or your friends with you to help you select the right blazer because it would be a crying shame for you to leave such a versatile and stylish garment festering in the wardrobe.

When Would You Wear Your Blazer?

Depending on how stylish and original you want to present yourself you may decide that a blazer really defines you as a person and allows you to stand out from the crowd.  You can wear it with any combination of clothing and footwear depending on how you want the outside world to perceive you.  Long gone are the days that you had to wear a shirt and tie under a blazer and feel as if you are conforming with the values of others – today it is how your wear your shirt and tie that matters – if you want the shirt hanging out of your trousers and your tie partly undone you can.

Block Coloured Blazers.

If you want to go for simplicity and coordination a block coloured blazer will enable you to choose either plain or patterned clothes underneath.  The Blue Depths Bridge Blazer is one of the smarter designs not being far removed from a suit jacket; a similar design is a favoured by stars like Robbie Williams, who embraces his move from boy band status to a well seasoned and respected performer. This style really accentuates the muscles and breadth of a man who is ready to embrace his increasing maturity.             

 Selected Blue Depths Bridge Blazer

Slim Fit Blazers

The slim fit blazer tends to suit younger male bodies due to it being much closer fitting and much more suited to being manipulated by the wearer.  We see Harry Styles embracing the concept of wearing a blazer and according to him, his collection is immense.  How you wear the blazer really defines who you are. This Anthony Morato Charcoal Slim Fit Blazer will help you to develop your own unique style.

 Antony Morato Charcoal Slim Fit Blazer

Making that final Choice

Choosing your blazer completely depend on if you want to adopt a similar style to Robbie Williams or Harry Style – you may in fact decide to choose a completely different style and become an icon in your own right.

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