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Stand Out In Red #SS15


Red is an unmistakably bold colour and whenever you wear it you are definitely making a statement about yourself.  When you look at the psychology of colour the intensity of red makes it a very emotional colour. This passionate hue can be interpreted as either the colour of love or as a sign of aggression.   Associated with bravery, nobility and courage – red has always played an important role in our history.  Red brings up connotations of vampires and other bloodthirsty creatures and is often seen in horror films. Cavemen produced cave art using red pigments such as; hematite, iron oxide and red ochre. Contrary to popular belief bulls cannot distinguish red from yellow or blue so as long as you don’t irritate them, wearing red is a perfectly safe colour to wear in the country.  Red is such an eye catching colour that it is important that you choose to wear it wisely and in small quantities.

The 2015 Spring/Summer runways (#SS15) were awash with red hues and the colour maintained a big presence in bold and berry shades.  The message coming across is that you don’t need to be bashful and self conscious when you wear red.  You don’t have to be suited and booted from top to toe in the colour to make red clothing a powerful addition to your wardrobe.  At Stand-Out.Net we have put a collection together of our red clothing and accessories for you to consider.


We have featured the following accessories and clothing; Red Hype Backpack, Logoshirt DC Flash Logo T-shirt, Levis Red Tab Hoodie, Red Vans Authentic Trainers, Red Casio Digital Watch, UCLA Peterson Joggers, Polo Ralph Lauren Hawaiian Boxer Swim Shorts, Polo Ralph Lauren 2 Pack – Stripe/Dots Socks and Solid Keenan Shirt.

A quick browse through our red clothing types and brands shows a multitude of vibrant light and dark reds – a sure-fire way of adding boldness, excitement and temptation to your wardrobe.

Here is another colour fact before you go – did you know that the visiting football teams changing rooms are often painted a tranquil pink because it is meant to drain the opposition of their energy?


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