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Stand-Out.Net Festival Guide


Music Festivals have been in existence since ancient times and were mainly associated with religious ceremonies.  The very first recorded music festival was in Dublin, Ireland in 1897. The very first music festival, as we know them today was the Tanglewood Festival in Massachusetts.   This was followed by the very famous Woodstock festival which was considered to be one of the most pivotal moments in popular music history.  The three day festival was enjoyed by 500,000 revellers, who braved inclement weather to participate in the most revered festival ever.  These American music festivals paved the way for music festivals in England and large pieces of land have been used to celebrate some of the greatest bands ever.

Whether you are going to one of the big festivals such as; Glastonbury, ‘V’ Festival and the Latitude Festival or just going to a small local music gathering, you will want to make sure that you are wearing the right attire.  Festivals are renowned for showcasing adverse weather conditions and generally when you pack your gear you have to hope for the best and prepare for the worst.  Even super models like Kate Moss have to resort to wearing wellies in order to combat the squelchy ground.  We are going to look at possible clothing choices that will help you to dress to impress and suit whatever weather Mother Nature decides to throw at you.

Religion T-Shirts

religion tshirt

If you are lucky enough to have good weather when you go to the festival then you will want to make sure that your t-shirt shows everyone that you are right on trend but like to stand out from the crowd.  The sheer nature of music festivals tend to lend themselves to the Indie culture of the 1990’s, so it is appropriate to look towards t-shirts from Religion clothing.  those who are cautious may opt for plain black or white t-shirts with a small praying man logo because it shows intent but doesn’t commit you to full shock tactics.  If however you want to draw attention to yourself, there are plenty Religion graphic t-shirts for you to choose from.

Shorts From Jack And Jones

jack and jones

If we continue on the vein of having favourable weather then you will most certainly want to be wearing shorts.  We have chosen a few from our Jack and Jones collection.  The selection comprises of a long pair of chino shorts and three pairs of denim shorts, if you really want to look as if you have lived in a festival field all of your life, then the distressed denim shorts will add the dishevelled look.

Palladium Footwear


Making sure that your feet are comfortable and your chosen footwear can withstand the adverse conditions of the festival field is an important task.  There is nothing more guaranteed to spoil your enjoyment of an event than having aching, blistered and wet feet.  Apart from wellies the next obvious choice are Palladium Boots.  With their vulcanised sole originating from the aviation industry and the robust canvas covering, the Palladium boot really is the ideal footwear to wander around the festival field.

Waterproof Jacket From Voi Jeans


Throughout this post we have tried to optimistic about the weather, however there are times when you have to be realistic and prepare for the worst.  Chances are it will rain at some point during the festival and you will need to cover up.  Voi Jeans have designed a great range of wet weather gear that doesn’t make you look like a train spotter.


Whichever festival you are going to make sure that you are fully prepared with a warm hoodie, trousers, wellies, suncream and drink plenty of water.  if you would like to look at our complete range of festival type clothes visit Stand-Out.Net.


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