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Stock Up Your Wardrobe In 40 Shades Of Grey

Calvin klein’s creative director Italo Zucchelli’s latest collection has been inspired by black and white movies and the varying shades of grey the colour scheme produces.  The 2015 winter collection includes shades such as; slate, dove, granite, charcoal with splashes of black and white.  Grey has had a resurgence in popularity during the last decade as its versatility allows it to be worn in the gym and the boardroom without looking out of place. With the release of the raunchy film, ‘50 Shades Of Grey’, the colour will certainly be at the forefront of our minds.

40 Shades Of Grey

At Stand-Out.Net we have a collection 40 items of clothing that are classified as grey including underwear and outerwear.  We have counted twenty three brands that have designed clothing in various shades and styles of grey.  These include; Levis, Calvin Klein, Eastpak, Hilfiger Denim, Polo Ralph Lauren, Logoshirt, Religion, G-Star, Duck and Cover, Alpha Industries, Carhartt, Diesel, 55DSL, French Connection, Happy Socks, Bellfield, Antony Morato, Voi Jeans, Cross Hatch and Solid.

Grey Underwear by Calvin Klein

There was a time that grey underwear meant that it was time to replenish your underwear collection, now of course it means that you have an underwear drawer that is is full of the most desirable trunks you could ever want to own.  Calvin Klein is the king of underpants and they never disappoint with their collection.  In fact they are so proud of their briefs that they embroider their name on the waist band.

calvin klein

Jeans By Levis

Blue jeans have generally dominated fashion trends followed closely by the more formal black versions of our favourite styles.  Grey jeans tend to allow us to wear a distressed style of dark  denim without looking to scruffy or too worn out.  Levis  have of course perfect the grey look with these skinny fit 510 jeans.


Grey T-Shirt By Logo Shirt

Grey can be jollied up and have an injection of humour by altering the shade and adding a burst of colour and the personality of a favourite cartoon character.  Logo Shirt  have designed this friendly and chirpy Micky Mouse t-shirt to brighten up the days and make you smile.

logo shirt

Duffle Bag By Eastpak

Accessories such as bags are also available in grey making sure that everything you have to carry can be transported in a highly sophisticated way.  We particularly like this duffle bag by Eastpak in Sunday grey and are sure it would be great for your football gear.



Stand-Out.Net Grey Collection

Here is a sneaky preview of some of the items in our grey collection to give you a taste of the items we have in store for you.


grey collection




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