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Stylish Winter Gloves

We have embraced the blustery days and crisp evenings that autumn’s had to offer and our hands demand some warmth and security. With that, we thought we’d give you the low down on some of the most fashionable hand warmers around that will keep you not only warm, but fashionable this winter. Check out our full Glove range.

Leather Gloves
Having a pair of leather gloves to protect your hands from the frost should be an important addition to your winter wardrobe. Not only do they have a huge practical use, they can add that element of finesse to the right outfit. An exceptional glove when it comes to style, warmth, practicality and perfect for driving. They are definitely something you’ll want to ‘get your hands on’ this winter.

Woollen Gloves
Woollen gloves are perfect for everyday use, whether it’s to and from the office, making your way to the footy or braving the blistering cold whilst traipsing around the shops trying to find the perfect Christmas gift, these gloves are the ones to get you through. They provide security to sanctify your warm hands and keep the cold air out.

Some say they are a little feminine, but mittens are old-school and retro. They are widely available in cotton, but also come in suede and leather exteriors with lined inners. They are usually a pick for the more adventurous and creative as they come in mixed colours and patterns. Mittens work well with chunky knits and more rugged winter coats, due to their un-fitted shape. Some mittens have foldable finger covers, which reveal your fingers whenever you should need them.

Fleece Gloves
Usually the cheapest of the bunch and the least fitted, but for the practical guys out there, fleece gloves are arguably the warmest. Its inner lining traps heat longer than both wool and leather keeping your hands toasty. Wear them with parker jackets or coats with sleeve openings big enough to tuck the end of the glove neatly into them.

So, for that added bit of arsenal in your snowball fights this winter or to protect your hands from icy conditions, make sure you remember your gloves!

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