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Summer Fashion Trends For Guys Like You!

When looking online to find out the latest fashion trend for any season we are swamped by extreme suggestions regarding the type of clothing that we should wear.  If the prospect of looking strange wearing ill fitting suits and simply weird designs scares you half to death then do not fear we have scoured articles relating to Summer fashion and have selected the styles favoured by celebrities and those who are not catwalk models. In fact we have so many fantastic designer brands to choose from it would be impossible not to find a style that you will love.

More Choices Than Ever

Gone are the days when men just wore suits and adapted their formal wear to be a little more comfortable in the summer.  Designers have really excelled themselves with intriguing outfits for men to wear in the heat with styles including; lots of colour (mainly red), florals, all white, checkered trousers, mesh, patterned suits. beige shorts, nautical hoodies, geometric patterns and highly decorated suits. As with everything in fashion you take the best parts of each look and make it your own.

Red Red and More Red

We have chosen a variety of garments with the fashion trends in mind and have settled for a selection with a decidedly red hue and thrown in a few florals and whites in too so that you can be certain of looking great when you hit the beaches and hills this Summer.  We have even included a couple of items of swimwear so you can look cool by the pool.  In the real world less is more so don’t be tempted to wear red from top to bottom because you would just look like some kind of warning beacon and that simply is not a good look. The same applies to florals – if you wore flower patterned shorts and t-shirt you would look more like your Auntie Dot’s curtains than a fashion icon!  Everything needs to be worn in moderation and it will look just right.

T-Shirts and Vests

We have chosen the bright and bold Felix T-Shirt by Hilfiger Denim to kick off our collection, with a bright red background and eye catching motif you can capture almost all of the looks in one item of clothing.  This bright and bold design is contrasted with the subtle Original Penguin logo on a grey distressed t-shirt and the almost invisible Jack and Jones name on a white t-shirt. The very first item of clothing you see in our slide show is the subtle Carhartt Executive Vest, which is a well fitting and subtle dark red top.

Floral and Checked Shirts

Checked shirts will remain eternally in fashion due to their versatility and ability to look brilliant in many different fashion styles.  The checked shirt we are looking at today is the Hilfiger Denim Spark Checked Shirt, which has short sleeves and a slightly fitted style so that you don’t look like a lumberjack this Summer. Florals have always been like Marmite – you either love them or hate them and if people around you hate them they always seem to compare them to tea towels or grannies curtains.  For years designers have been trying to cast off the association with Hawaiian shirts and are making great progress.  Scotch and Soda have produced a variety of floral shirts that look simply fantastic, we particularly like the slight Hawaiian look in the blue floral shirt we have chosen.

Shorts and Trousers and Swimwear

We have selected Twill shorts from Farah Vintage and five pocket chinos from Jack and Jones as a neutral base for your bright and bold t-shirts and shirts so that you don’t look like an explosion in a paint factory.  We have been very conventional with the choice of swimwear and have opted for a red or bright claret pair of swim shorts by Lyle and Scott and a white pair by Voi Jeans both are stylish and would look great with almost any t-shirt you chose to wear with them.  Obviously we do have floral swim shorts to choose from but you will have to visit our Summer Shop to see them.


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