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Summer Footwear to Make You Flip not Flop!

The summer has finally started here in the UK; the rainy days are long behind us and the sun is finally rising… whether you are scoffing at sorbet in Southend or sipping Cerveza in Seville it is imperative that you dress your feet accordingly.

Since the beginning of time the manliest of men have been wearing sandals… Greek Gods, Roman Emperors and even Jesus!

So… we think it’s fair to say, that even though our friends over at Esquire often dismiss the importance of flip-fops and sandals in a man’s wardrobe, we believe they are an essential item if you are to be the most stylish in the squad this summer!

Generally flip-flops only ever come in two styles; thong or slides (we’re not even going to consider mentioning Crocs!) and below we have picked our favourites for this season.

Havaianas White Brasil Logo Flip Flops – £19.95
The Havaianas Brasil Logo flip flops are a classic for lazy days around the pool or down at the beach. They feature a multicolour mid sole layering with a durable and flexible sole and the brand name and Brazil flag on the strap.


Lacoste L.30 116 2 SPM Flip Flops – £39.95
For a more sophisticated look head over to Lacoste. These flip flops feature a leather upper with a canvas sole. They work perfectly for any evening activity, whether it is drinks or dinner with the wife.


Vans Dress Blues Slide-on Logo Flip Flops – £20.95
Vans offer a different style flop flip. With an extremely classic look the Vans slides are a soft easy-grip rubber that are lightweight and feature the Vans logo across the band.


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