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Summer Swimwear Saga

Swimwear is a stressful struggle for men all around the world. We would all love to have that perfect summer body that makes the ladies swoon, wandering along beach in Ibiza, or strolling along the Santa Monica Pier but it’s more than likely we don’t!

You have Australian guys, who love knee-grazing board shorts for that ultra-cool surfer look, dipping and diving around Australia’s finest waters. Brazilians who never shy away from a pair of skimpy budgie smugglers, smothered in oil, cooking in the most glorious of sunshine. Then, last but not least, the guys of the UK who are somewhat in between with square-cut, mid-length shorts, slick back hair and their hottest pair of Ray-Bans. But, when it comes down to it, which pair is really right for you?

Swim-short tailoring is everywhere this season and there’s a good reason why! The perfect, tailored fit can leave you looking buff and feeling confident in the summer sun. Not only this, but for the socialite amongst us, who is always trying to be in two places at once, they are perfect for any occasion. Whether you’re meeting your friends at a beer garden then swanning off to the seaside with the girlfriend, the tailored swim-short is the answer to all your problems.

Calvin Klein Drawstring Swim Shorts


Drastic Elastic
Ok, so we’ve already discovered that you’re not as entirely toned as you desired by this point of the year, BUT as long as you steer clear of an overly tight, elasticated waistband that grabs away at every inch of “fun” you’ve ever had, we think you will be swimming in the right direction. An alternative to drastic elastic would be a draw-string, tie-up waist (or flat-front laces) as seen below.

Animal Fixed Waist Vertical Logo Board Swim Shorts


Perfect Patterns
There are definitely some peculiar patterns lurking around in the swimwear sections and it is definitely important not to go too “Dad in Hawaii” themed when hitting the beach. A tasteful approach can say a lot about your personality and sense of humour. Try to match the scale of the pattern to your body size (i.e. larger patterns on broader guys etc) and use vertical patterns to help trim you down.

Gant Classic Logo Floral Swim Shorts


We hope these swimwear solutions will make your trip to the seaside very enjoyable. Don’t forget to check out our full range of swim shorts now at www.stand-out.net.

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